Big Bowls

1.  Grains of the day, with vegetables of the day   $8.50

2.  One fried egg and grains of the day, with vegetables of the day   $9.50

3.  Two fried eggs and grains of the day, with vegetables of the day   $10.50


Add-On for Bowls

(add 1 or more to each of the above)

Asparagus Seitan (vegan)   $5

Adzuki Bean Tempeh (vegan)   $5

House Cured Salmon   $5

Smoked Trout   $5

Smoked Vietnamese Ham   $5

Beef Bacon   $5

Pickled Egg with Coffee and Soy Sauce   $2

Extra Vegetables   $3.50



(all sandwiches made with herb focaccia bread)

Vietnamese $11

smoked vietnamese ham, chicken liver pate, pickled carrots, daikon, herb spread, fancy mayo

Classic New Yorker  $9

beef bacon, 2 eggs, cheddar cheese, fancy mayo

Seitan $10

asparagus seitan, caramelized red onions, pickled red cabbage, herb spread, avocado spread

Adzuki Bean Tempeh $10

hijiki seaweed, pickled carrots & daikon, herb spread, avocado spread

Three Cheese $8

3 cheeses of the day, pickled red onions, fancy mayo

Breakfast $8

2 eggs, provolone cheese, pickled red onions, fancy mayo

House Cured Salmon $11

hijiki seaweed, pickled carrots and daikon, herb spread, fancy mayo

Smoked Trout   $10

pickled red cabbage, caramelized red onions, herb spread, fancy mayo


Add-On for Sandwiches

Fried Egg   $1.50

Side of Vegetables of the Day   $3

Pickled Egg with Coffee and Soy Sauce   $2

Chicken Liver Pate   $2

Cheese (cheddar or provolone)   $1



Your choice of protein with vermicelli rice noodles served with vegetables of the day.



Small Items

Che of the day  $5

2 fried eggs with toasted potato bread   $ 4

-add vegetables of the day   $3.50

-add beef bacon, smoked vietnamese ham, asparagus seitan, or adzuki bean tempeh $5

-add house cured salmon, or smoked trout   $5

-add chicken liver pate   $2



(718) 387-7848

Delivery with Seamless and Caviar.  You can call ahead to set up an order for pick up.

Mon-Wed, Sun. 8am - 10pm, Thu-Sat. 10am - 11pm

This menu is served all day and night

Select assortment of beer and wine served

Please ask about our daily specials.

485 Morgan Ave. Brooklyn NY 11222