Menu Arts Show


We at Nha Minh have been planning this one for a while.


The Invite - Nha Minh is OFFICIALLY inviting artists to reimagine the Nha Minh Menu. Artists are encouraged to visit the idea of menu or sandwich board advertising, to create imagery to be used for the backside(image side) of our menu. Artists are also invited but not at all required to reimagine our logo, fonts, text or subheadings from our current menu.


Artists are encouraged to play off alternate incarnations of Nha Minh in design and scope, artists are encouraged to spin off on the history and design of Chinese restaurant menus, create characters and mascots and provide pure abstractions defining a vibe of Nha Minh or a futurist Nha Minh, the utopian establishment, the dystopian failed establishment(dark humor encouraged).



Scope of Project - The pieces we receive will be selected and reproduced with the artist's permission and approval of reproduction to act as Nha MInh official Menu available on site as well as some selected as to go menu’s.


Resources - I have attached our correct online Menu, a copy of our Logo, and our first hand drawn menu from when we first opened. Again the composition and content for the artwork does not need to reflect any of these items.


Proceeds - Artists will receive 60% of any original art sales. Nha Minh will donate the remaining 40% to the ACLU and Planned Parenthood.


Who’s Invited - A select number of artists are invited, these artists are invited to extend the participation to one other friend, colleague who may be interested in participating


When - The show submission deadline is Aug. 25th, we will be accepting work starting on the 15th. The exhibition will be hung salon style and the exhibition will run for a month and a half. The Exhibition will be held in the dog days of August/ early Sept. Date TBD.


Restrictions - Because Nha Minh operates daily as a restaurant, cafe, venue. All work on paper must be framed or exhibited behind plex, or glass. Canvas works do not need to be framed but will require the ability to wiped down if spilled or soiled on(it happens). Work is encouraged to be 8” x 10”, but larger works will be accepted as long as they are restricted to roughly the 8 X 10 ratio , or the artist doesn’t mind us to crop the work for reproduction.


Guidelines - All mediums are welcome. Including sculpture and photography. Artists are encouraged to include a decent quality jpeg of the work for reproduction, under 2MB.


RSVP - Please RSVP if interested so we can pester you for your submission once the deadline approaches. Please respond with I'm in, with Menu Arts Exhibition as the subject line.


Quick Recap - Bangin group menu art show, conceptual abstraction, comic graphics, fine art pieces.

Bring em, have fun and enjoy one another.



Nha Minh